What Is Life? Answer Right Here

And So….I thought I would Share this with you 😉


Last Night I had a Dream.

I dreamt I was somewhere and


And that I became the light that travels through the complete dark.

The tip of My consciousness was both the light and the way

Now, I am A Swirling Torch


The depths of my Inner Sanctum

which parallels the outer

Soon I can not differentiate.

Ecstacy trails in the creation of Distant


That are a part of The I.

Just as my arm is part of my body.

I smile as the abundance of life smiles

through me

to me

with me

Self Awareness in a deep unknowing.

I was once The Painter of colors onto the shadow…

The Dark Envelops Me.

Salute to the sparks

As I Gently become the night.








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