Back by popular Demand…

Yes it’s true….

I’ve been on a long break.


As I do.

Now I am back.

Back to the world of blogging.

I’ve got a few(well two specifically) things on my mind.


Why do women’s and men’s main courses come in the same size, if we both have different calorific needs?

Feminist society can build more carb outlets, whilst increasing man-size portions from shops and restaurants.


That’ number one and here’s number two:


You don’ have to go through the body scanners in airports.

You can opt-out of them if you want, and you should want to, cos traveling is stressful enough, already like cattle.

Don’t take it.

Ask security to opt-out of a radioactive situation, and they will just ask you to take your shoes off and have a Nazi style pat-down.

I’m not sure which is worse, the radiation or the memories of said pat-down – either is a violation of our human right to be allowed to conduct our lives in a dignified manner.

We are good people, and we should be allowed to travel without an encroachment to our well-being.

And That goes on any Level!

Physical or mental, right?

Well that’s all from me folks for today, stay well now and be cool as much as you can, yeh.

Peace and laughter is here,

Nino D.



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