Cleaner in a Chemical World

Hey there,

We’ve all heard it and read it – There’s chemicals everywhere nowadays.

In fact I read a book a few years ago by a Doctor from Oxford entitled “Stop the 21st Century from Killing you.”

It was quite a read, and an eye-opener too.

I won’t go into that too much but I will share with you a couple of ways to reduce being poisoned by chemicals and frequencies too, so check this out:

1. Receipts.

Did you know that the ink on receipts contains harmful chemicals and BPA’s?

Most shops make it mandatory for staff to force one upon you with each and every transaction.

This is how I recommend  handling or rather not handling receipts where possible,

If you are paying cash for something trivial like something from a grocery store, as you hand the cashier the cash, politely tell them that you won’t be needing a receipt.

I find it easier and less awkward to tell them as this stage as they already know before they activate their muscle memory to thrust a chemical-laden piece of paper into your hand.

If you do Need the receipt for whatever Reason, then ask the cashier to drop it into the bag for you.

That way you eliminate the need to touch it until you get home, where you can organize it and wash your hands immediately.

2. This next way is to cut down radiation for you, your family and your neighbours.

Wifi and radio devices such as mobiles, tablets, lap tops etc.

When possible, always switch your wifi off and also turn all devices to airplane modes with location services switched off too.

Especially when going to bed at night.

Also, If Typing a Document for a few hours and you have your resources with you, or Reading an E-book for example, shift to airplane mode and turn off your router too.

I always make a habit of switching all devices off when going to sleep, because let’s face it, who needs all of those signals running through their energetic and cellular systems all night?

Anything we can do to reduce pollution in this chemical and technological world is a bonus, and every little helps, right?


Ok, Third and final point for this evening is Plastic Bottles.

For the Life of me, I don’t understand why people just don’t switch to Hemp-Plastic, which is 100 percent biodegradable, but for now let’s talk about Actual plastic bottles.

Please, if the bottle is left near a heat source or out in the sun, then discard of the bottle and beverage, as heat usually causes the plastic to leech into the drink.

These plastics and BPA’s are estrogen mimickers and cause mayhem with our hormonal balance, potentially leading to a plethora of issues.


Ok so there you have it.

I hope those points help at least one person who reads this very fascinating Blog of mine 🙂

See you next time and in the meanwhile, stay well now. Won’t Ya!

Peace, Love and Light,

Nino D






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