My Health Food In Okinawa Today!

Greetings all,

I hope your day is going spiffingly. 🙂

So, today has been a recovery day for me from all of the Martial Arts and also the detoxing I have been doing.

And what a story that is:

My clearing of the parasites adventure – I can’t wait to produce that and share it, as I feel it will help so many people.

But in the meanwhile…

I just wanted to share with you my daily grocery run from the local Supermarket here in a little residential area in Okinawa.

We really are so lucky to have access to these wonderful ingredients.

Have a look for yourself:



That all looks wonderful, but what it is you may be asking, right?

I will explain all of these ingredients to you, so you can come away a bit wiser about Japanese healthy cuisine, because sharing is caring 🙂

Ok, so starting with these little badboys:

These are known Sea Grapes, or Sea Caviar and in Japanese they are called Umi Budou.

They pop in the mouth with a delicate taste, and are actually Oishiii! which means delicious in Japanese.



Ok, and Next(Drum Rollll) we have Natou:20180326_095603_Richtone(HDR)

Nattou is Fermented soy bean. It’s loaded with B Vitamins, good Bacteria and also Vitamin K would you believe? Again, absolutely Oishi.

I eat Nattou every morning when I break my fast. It’s one of the many things I truly miss when I leave Japan, I think I’m dependent on it ahhhh!

So, next up, we have:


Locally grown Bitter Melon, or in Japanese, Goya.

Apparently loaded with vitamins and has many anti-inflammatory properties. It tastes like it must be so healthy.


This is Lotus Root:20180326_095620_Richtone(HDR)

I don’t know too much about Lotus root other than it tastes like a starchy carb, a bit like Potato, but crunchier, and of course, very delicious with a more nutty and earthy flavour 🙂

And this, is organic Miso:


I’ve bought Miso hundreds of times in the Uk and elsewhere, and I can tell you, it just tastes better in Japan. 🙂 kind of like the Guinness in Dublin, or the Pizza in Italy, it is what it is, a mystery!

So, this is how I combined these wonderful ingredients to break my fast this morning, after 18 hours of abstaining.

I can tell you, it was absolute Heaven.

Actually, I am already on a 8 hour fast and typing about this delicious food requires some serious will power not to just go and dive into some right now aha.

On the side of this dish is Nori or toasted seaweed, with an Umi Boshi(pickled Sour Plum). I absolutely adore this Ultimate Japanese Vegan Breakfast.


Well I hope you enjoyed the little tour of our breakfast ingredients.

Until next time.

Be Well.

With Love and Light,

Nino D.





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