My Panama Story Part ONE

Greetings and Welcome,

So today, I’ve decided to share my wild stories from the even more wild jungle of Veraguas, in South West Panama.

Here’s me and a hotel owner Procuring Wild Coconut Water from the jungle.

We cut some wild Bamboo, tied a piece of metal around it and pulled bunches of coconuts down from the very tall trees. It’s tough on the neck as you have to really be accurate and those coconut trees are so tall.

It was actually very thirsty work, It was a Good Job we had Great success,




This is Some of the Wild Wilderness one can See while strolling:


Below are some of the wild Fruit and delights one can procure from the Jungle.

I don’t know the name of the one that looks like Candy Floss Beans, but it actually tastes like candy floss and could have been the original Inspiration for the creators of Candy Floss, I would guess the natural version is slightly healthier, just a tad… 🙂

Also the Fruit that looks like a Bell Pepper with an earring, is actually a cashew fruit.

This fruit is delicious and very sweet. The locals mash it up into a fruit Juice. It’s Awesome.

And then finally, you can see some wild Mangos.

Honestly, there is no comparison between these and fruit we find in the stores.

The Mangos actually taste like honey, I’m not so sure if all that sugar was good for me. There were times when I ate three or four in a row and literally couldn’t move after, I was so full.


The Sunsets from the Equator were quite literally, Other-Worldly:



When Living in Paradise, one quickly realises, all Selfies are not created equally:


And Then there’s the critters of course:

Which leads me to my ordeal with a Brown Recluse.

Yes, one beautiful tropical afternoon, I returned to my room to grab an item and found something there quite unexpectedly -A HUGE Brown Recluse, Otherwise known as a Brazilian wandering spider!

Usually, I don’t bother killing insects, but something took over me on this occasion.

I don’t know, perhaps it was the fact that their venom is similar to that of a rattle-snake. Yes. In hindsight, that’s probably what did it.

Here’s how things went down:

I enter room.

Spider, almost the size of a dinner plate, walking slowly on wall.

I absolutely Freak and pick up a very heavy shoe from the floor.

I approach the massive spider.

The spider senses danger and starts to speed up walking away from me.

I thought “No Way!” and clobbered the Spider with the shoe.

Now I wasn’t used to killing tropical Spiders, that’s why I didn’t realise this thing had like an exosceleton.

Yes, the shoe actually bounced off the Spider and it fell onto the floor. Clearly not a happy little camper at this stage.

It began darting across the room at a speed which made it seem like a big spider blur. Oh the memories to this day give me the Eeby Jeebies.

So, the spider is now literally a floating blur moving at high velocity, in a state of absolute panic, after almost being crushed by a boot, heading towards my laptop case.

I am chasing it across the room swinging at it and missing by a long way each time.

After a Tom and Jerry type chase scene, the Spider dives into a crevice between a shelf on a cupboard for a breather.

I thought to myself there is no way I can sleep with THAT in my room.

So I composed myself and planned how to end it.

I took a deep breath and walked over to it.

Plucking up the courage, I  then plunged some scissors into it, not realizing I needed to go for the center of the spider, I only succeeded in cutting off two of its legs, after which, it jumped like a released coiled spring, to behind the cupboard.

For some reason, unbeknownst to this day, I just left it there and didn’t think any more of it.

Not until the next morning that is, when I awoke with a big “Ouch!” and “Damn, what the H%ll is that on my hand?”.

As I awoke and looked at my hand, the first thing I said was “OWWW!”.

I couldn’t work out what had happened, and again for Some bizarre reason, I didn’t connect it with the spider.

So for the next few days, I had this throbbing on my hand and I figured it was just a slightly infected mosquito bite or something.

Then one day I had to go quite deep into the jungle to show some friends the way back to the house. Well, as I was waiting there the throbbing increased until it was banging, probably accelerated by the wild humidity there.

“I’ll wait until the morning and see how it is then.” I thought.

When I awoke in the morning, it was worse, and would you believe I STILL hadn’t connected this with the spider, probably for reasons of self-denial.

So I did what any numpty would do, I started prodding around the swollen area on my hand with a needle and alcohol, trying to dig out a sting or whatever was in there.

This did not prove successful.

After a bit of digging, I opened up the bite area and saw there were two fang marks. The Venom had only been deeply injected into just one of the holes, the other one was not so bad.

I tried to wash it out with alcohol, thinking I could just clean the wound and “Voila!”.

You know, continue with my day sort of thing, but no, instead my hand swelled to the point of resembling a baseball Glove, see below:



At this stage, I know you must be thinking “Yummyyy!” right?

So yes, when this happened the poison may have gone into my blood or something, as I went into shock.

The business owner and my then employer looked horrifically worried, and she is not worried easily – This is a woman who has lived in the jungle for over 17 years, after selling her business and retiring there with a luxury bnb.

She called over some of the guys native to the area who work for her.

My mouth had gone so dry and I was spinning out.

For some bizarre reason, the main man thought it was funny and as if the situation was not random enough for a city kid, he was jumping up and down shouting “Yes, He’s been Bitten, He’s been Bitten!”.

“How odd!” I thought. as I was trying to focus through the almost delirious haze.


Well, that’s it for tonight Folks!

I hope you enjoyed Part one of my story from Panama, Check back tomorrow for Part Two and to find out what happens in my next chapter.

Stay safe, and learn from my lesson, Stay away from those Spiders 🙂

See ya tomorrow,

Peace and Blessings,

Nino D.











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