My day today, In Okinawa, Japan.

Hello and Welcome 🙂

Today in Okinawa, we’re really feeling the humidity.

The days and nights are getting warmer(very) and I can already see how it could be difficult to bear the heat of the summer.

This evening for example, we have all the windows open right now, and are still feeling a little hot under the collar.

I’m not a great lover of air-conditioning, but that will probably be a necessity, pretty soon.

After having just 4.5 hours sleep last night, and also eliminating many more parasites over the last 48 hours, I’m more than ready for a great sleep tonight.

Fingers crossed. 🙂

This Morning, after dragging myself out of my slumber, I went out on autopilot, looking for a park with pull up bars, but could not find the one I was looking for.

I did however find some scaffolding on the side of the road, which did the job quite nicely. 🙂

Locals must have been driving past thinking “Just another Crazy Gaijin.”


It was quite fun and I’m thinking to go back tomorrow.

If I do, I’ll get my wife to take some pics as it’s quite amusing to be hanging just over the road, while I bang out a set of pull ups.

But for now,  I’m looking to retire for the night. 😴

Until Tomorrow, stay well and thanks for dropping by. 🙂

Peace and Blessings abundantly,





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