Keeping it Real, Keeping It Vegan In Japan…

Hello There,

So today, I wanted to share my vegan beautiful diet and also a bit about the story of how I am winning my battle against parasites.

I’m in the midst of killing them and my goodness is that a story and a half that I have for you.

I’ll give a full detailed account soon of my healing journey, in future posts.

For now, check out these beautiful fresh ingredients, sources locally in Okinawa.

This was a very welcome meal prepared by my amazing wife. 🙂

This was paradise especially After a 17 hour Fast. Wowsers.


Aren’t I a lucky man? 🙂

So yes, This morning I popped out of bed at around 04:40 am would you believe?

Was feeling rough haha.

I virtually crawled  down the stairs, but that didn’ stop me doing one hour of Kung  Fu Conditioning, no sir.

The parasites were disturbing my sleep.

You see, they’re totally not happy.

I disrupted their comfortable state of being, where they had as much meat as they wanted and were pretty much running the show that is my life.

Well, I had enough of that, and am now successfully killing them off with various protocols.

As a protest, they moved down to my lower half and tried causing mayhem with spots etc, as they had done so many times before in my life.

See here:


This time I was too well prepared for them.

Previously , I wouldn’t have known what to do, but knowledge is power my friends.

I created a powerful natural anti-parasitic Balm first, and second, to clean the colon and system, I did three enemas:

One with Eucalyptus, one with salt water and Bicarbonate of soda, and the other with lemon and water.

By the morning, the lymph in my lower half were about 60 percent cleared again.

3 coffee enemas later on this fine day and I’m almost 80 percent clear 🙂

They tried to put up a fight, but I am winning.

I am almost parasite free, and as a result I feel so many benefits.

I will share more tomorrow, it’s late here in Okinawa now.

Check back soon news about my fascinating Healing Journey.

Wishing you a Blessed Day,

With Love and Light,

Nino D.



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