Morning Activities in Okinawa, Part 2.

Greetings Lovely People,

I hope you are well and that you are enjoying your moments.

I’ve been nursing a shoulder strain for the last couple of days, and so decided to mix things up a little, by taking a gentle power-walk to a local park.

It was wonderful to walk through these traditional neighbourhoods in Okinawa.

On the way, I did snap some footage for our viewing pleasure, so be sure to click the vid down below to enjoy the Japanese delights.

One of the things you will notice is that the locals here love to immerse themselves in Nature.

Most of the homes are literally covered with plants, tree and flowers.

It really is a breath of Sweet, Fresh air.

As I often go out early to partake in my morning exercises, I usually see people out at the crack of dawn, watering their gardens and connecting with nature.

It’s a Beautiful Thing.

Here’s a funny, quick story.:

A few days ago I was out jogging very early. It was still dark.

So, I was jogging and avoiding the areas close to the bushes by hitting the road where possible, also crossing and adjusting as necessary, so as to avoid the Vipers, but of course 🙂

Anyhoo, I noticed about 50 metres ahead of me, there was a local jogging too.

Stangel, we were almost exactly mirroring each others movements across the roads to avoid the snakes. 🙂

Quite Surreal at 5 am in the morning haha.

Ok so without further ado, I introduce our latest work of art, Entitled:

“Morning Activities in Okinawa Part 2.”

It has everything.

Action, Drama and of course building work going on in the background.

I mean come on, this is Japan you know. Haha

Ok, thanks again for checking out my Blog and Vlog.

I hope you enjoyed the show

Wishing you the Very Best,

With Love and Light,

Nino D.


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