My Morning Activities in Okinawa. Tour of our 500 Year Old Path.

Great Evening Lovely People,

I do hope you are All well, and if not, by the end of this entertaining post, I’m sure you will feel at least a tad better.

As you may or may not know, I’ve been getting back into my fitness again for the last 5 months.

Wow doesn’t  time fly!

Well, as time has flown by during the last 5 months, I certaonly haven’t stood still.

I’ve been on a real mission to heal my body and get into reasonable shape again.

So far, so good.

Currently, A typical day involves me jumping out of bed at around 5 am, and then about twenty minutes i have de-zombified, I dive into a kung fu/martial arts session.

As I’m getting fitter, I’ve noticed these sessions are naturally extending longer and longer…

Today for example, I did two hours and it literally flew by.

I’m very happy with the Progress so far. 😀

After that, I played guitar for about an hour out in the garden, of which I’ve recorded a few snippets 🙂

I then recorded a quick tour of our Garden Path which is over 500 years Old, incredible!

And Finally, I video my first Hacky Sack Session in like, forever…

Although I did slightly injure my shoulder trying to be superman and skipping too fast, ahh.

On the Upside, it wasn’t too serious.

I visited a local physio called Mr Miyage. No, really.

I was hoping he would do that thing from the film, but it wasn’ quite that dramatic, although it was a good physio session. Having said that my mobility is still a tad limited.

Mr Miyage advised me to rest it for two to three days.

“Dagnammit!” My hyperactive nature protested.

Tomorrow will be a day to work on my core, kicks, flexibility and singing, as I will leave out guitar work and punches etc, to allow the healing for my shoulder.

So back to the recordings from this morning.

Click the vid below to enjoy a taste of my mornings here in Okinawa 🙂


Thanks so much as Always for stopping by to say hello and checking in on my blog. It’ very much appreciated.

Stay well. 🙂

With Love and Light,

Nino D.


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