How to Hack Your Immune System

Greetings Lovely People 🙂

So yes, on this wonderful evening, I’ve been playing lots of guitar and singing a tad too. It’s been a real treat to have the time to focus on my passions.

My current set includes a variety of songs from around the world, ranging from 70’s Soul to modern reggae.

Anyhow, my post this evening is about a wonderul example of a human being and a brilliant inspiration to us all.

I believe the internet is so wonderful for allowing us all to connect and share profound, life-enhancing information.

Such is the case with the following Gentleman, Wim Hof. This guy is THE real deal. He learnt how to Hack his immune system at the age of 17, through the use of deep breathing techniques, and connecting with his higher-self.

He has since broken and continues to hold numerous world records for his ability to overcome and withstand the harshest conditions of snow and ice, while he happily chills(this pun had to be done) in shorts, with bare feet.

I mean, come on! This guy is a genius and deserves massive acknowledgement. Hence this post sharing his absolutely Gold information.

Still not impressed?

How about this fact, to tip you over the edge:

To prove he could control his immune system, which is apparently autonomous. He got some doctors to infect him with a toxin, which every normal person would react to with shakes, agony and fever for somewhere in the vicinity of 8 hours. Wim, The Iceman however, managed to stimulate an immune response and did NOT get sick!

Can you Adam and Eve it?

This is big news and extremely worth our time and attention.

Below is a Pod Cast with Joe Rogan.

It’ quite lengthy, but just check it out even for like 15 minutes or so, you won’t be disappointed. This guy is a Living legend:

And with that, I wish you an amazing day or night, wherever you may be.

Love and Light, and as Always, many thanks for Tuning in. 🙂

Nino D.


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