A Poem For Peace

Hello all,

Great Evening from Okinawa 🙂

So I was digging through my notes from a while back and found a lovely Poem I wrote to remind us of peace.

I hope you enjoy:

Let it Rain Love

De-Clutter your Mind

Re-Utter the Chimes

Of Your Soul, with Clarity.

Peace and Love

Are the Only Sanity.

Please Don’t Force on Me

A paradigm of military Barbarity.

Based on Race, Creed and Nationality.

Actually, We are All the Same.

If this day You Give Pain,

It Causes emotional stains

Until no anger remains.

We are healed With Light

When we Vibrate right.

And the Only Right Way…

Is To Let Peace Light up our Day.

Nino Divino

Yes and with that I’m going to relax with a hot cup of cocoa – I wish, I’m fasting for 16 hours as per usual haha….so it’s nothing but hot water until tomorrow midday, because I’m worth it.

With Love and Light,

Nino D.


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