GAIJIN Makes Nattou His Way

Good Day all,

Thanks for Stopping by to be entertained by my stories 🙂

So, currently, as many of you know, I am in Okinawa.

There is a Japanese dish called Nattou.

“What is this intriguing dish?” I hear you say…

Well, funny you should ask because I’m about to give you the low down.

Nattou is basically fermented Soy bean. It smells quite pungent and the taste is mild and nutty almost.

The Japanese love it and I have to admit I do too. It took a little while to become accustomed to the strong smell and strange stringy goo that covers the Nattou, but once I did get used to it, well it’s practically a daily snack for me now.

It’s really healthy and loaded with good bacteria for the gut, which is always a great thing.

So without further ado, check out how i Prepare my Vegan Japanese Breakfast with Amazing ingredients, including a variety of spices and an Umi-Boshi plum thrown in for extra deliciousness 🙂



Cheers and I hope these ingredients get your taste buds going 🙂

With Love and Light,

Nino D.


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