Hello and Welcome to the Wacky World of Nino Divino

Alohaaa and you are so Welcome to my blog, NinoDivino.com

My name is Nino and as we are all of a divine and spiritual Nature, it’s only fitting to rhyme Nino with Divino, the Latin word for Divine, hence NinoDivino.com 🙂
I’m so happy and excited to get Blogging and to share my Journey with you.
You’re not going to believe my Journey so far up until this point of my life ~ I’ve lived and traveled for the last 17 years of my life.
I’ve since lived in many countries and on literally scores of islands, as I traveled and explored what this wild world has to offer in the way of delights.
Lots of my experiences have been rich and lots have been painful.
Check back often as I share my stories, videos, music, martial arts techniques, philosophies and lessons with you, that I have learnt along my mystical journey called life.
Peace and blessings in the Most high!
With Love and Light,
Nino Divino

アロハ~🌺 ようこそ、Ninodivinoへ!












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